Friday, July 24, 2015

Last Day of Gear Up Summer Academy :(

Today is the last day of Gear Up Summer Academy which is really sad. I've had some much fun here.I met new people here that became friends with and hopefully we can still keep in touch.I'm happy to go home,but I'm sad to leave.I can't believe I made it through the end.There were many times when I thought what I'm doing here?I realized I made the right choice to stay longer because Gear Up is my family and everyone who was in it.I won't forget all the memories I made while I was here.I hope to come back next year and maybe you will see me as an ambassador.

Baseball Game and Golden Corral

Yesterday me and my friends went to the Legends baseball game and we ate at Golden Corral, which was really good.It was change from eating at The Commons.I swear Golden Corral has the best macaroni ever.At the baseball Gear Up was the loudest at the game.We would do the wave and dance which was so much fun.Tomorrow is the last day of Gear Up Kentucky which is sad.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Talent Show

I only have two days of Gear Up left.I'm excited to get home,but at the same time I want to stay with my new friends I've met here.At least tomorrow were going to watch a baseball game and eat somewhere else other than the Commons.I like the Commons,but i wish their was a variety of food to choose from.Today me and my friends are going to do High School Musical songs for the talent show and it's going to be really fun.Also were going to play a trivia game tonight after the talent show.Thats basically it of what I'm going to be doing today and tomorrow.Here's just a another flower picture I took.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

UK Campus Tour

Today was really stressful trying to get all my homework done.I'm actually at a library right now doing even more homework,but other than having trouble with my homework I'm fine.In acting class today we went people watching to study how they move around which was really interesting.After that we toured the campus of UK.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Chinese Food

Yesterday it was a lazy day at camp,except we had Gear Up Olympics.The olympics was really fun we did a bunch of activities such as:picking up ice with our feet,filling up a bucket of water,hoola-hooping,and ring toss. After that I ate chinese food with my friends.I ordered shrimp lo mein.The rest of the day I really didn't do anything else.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dance Party!

Today I haven't really done anything yet because it's just 1:00,but later this evening Gear Up is going to have a dance party which I'm really excited about.Here just a photo of artwork at the Gallery Hop last night.

Gallery Hop

Yesterday I went to classes and then I went to to the Gallery Hop.The first class I had was drumming and he made me and my friends drum to this really hard part of a song.I wish I could learn and know how to actually play that part.Then the best part of my day was going to downtown Lexington and seeing all the artwork and places there. My traveling group in Lexington went to go see jewelry and how it was made.We were going to get Starbucks,but our group wanted to go somewhere else.Overall, it was one of the best days I've had here at Gear Up.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tying My Shoes!

Today I went to one of my favorite classes which is the drumming class.After beating on the drum for a while my hands turn red,but I think it's a fun class.I also went to my communications class which wasn't that fun because we had to deliver a demonstration speech to the class.My speech was about how to bar lace vans.I finally got my mail in from home which was exciting to hear from home.The last thing I did was take a bunch of photos in my photography class without using filters.

Scratch Programming

Today I had scratch programming which was ok.I just didn't like how my character wouldn't move around on the screen.Instead of eating lunch at the commons we had a lunch and learn which was so much better than having pizza everyday.

Monday, July 13, 2015

My second week of Gear Up Camp.

Today is officially the second week of summer camp. So far I've survived last week and I hope I can it make it this week.Today I had scratch programming for the first time which was really fun.We had to program a cat to move around on a computer.Thats basically it.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Free Time.

Today Gear Up Camp had alot free time to do anything since we had no classes.Its just one of those days when you can just sit and relax from stress anything thats going on around you.

Volunteering and Trying New Foods!

Yesterday was a fun day,except that it was the last night my friend was staring here at camp.She is has been my second friend who has left this week. I just hope that not all of my friends are leaving because if they do I do. Sometimes I question myself on whether or not I should stay. I just feel like everything is falling apart.On the brightside though our camp got to meet other people from Equador and try different foods they had.Me and my friends all volunteered at God's net.It was a place for people who were in need of food.We served people their food and peeled potatoes.Peeling potatos wasn't that fun because it took a while.Other than that the day was okay.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Fun-filled Day!

Today in my follow our food class we volunteered at God's Pantry which is basically a place where people package and ship food to people in need of food. While we were there I had to weigh a scoop cereal into little bags,which I thought was really nice because I love to help people in need.After that we went to a gas station to get a drink.I chose to get a speedy freeze. Later on this evening we went to see a baseball game,but sadly we didn't get to see them play because of the weather. I still had a good time though when everybody was dancing and watching fireworks.

Field Trip Fun!

So yesterday my follow our food class went to a dairy factory that makes dairy products for kroger.I t was really cool we actually got to go inside and see how different products were made.We had to wear special gear which was really weird.We had to wear covers on our feet to make sure we didn't track any mud or dirt in the dairy factory. I never knew that dairy companies were that extreme about sanitation.After we explored the dairy factory our class went to orange leaf which was really awesome.Even our teacher paid for all of our yogurt which was really nice.Yesterday was one of the best days I had so far at gear up.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

1st Day of Classes

So today was the first day of the Gear Up Summer Program classes to start. I was kind of feeling nervous because I'm trying to get used to staying at UK for three weeks straight. I'm going to try to pull through though by learning new things and making new friends.